Want to find the best workout program for you? Here are 4 tips to finding the perfect workout program to get YOU the best results!
Tip #1: Decide on Your Fitness Goals

What are your fitness goals? Do you want to lose weight, tone up, or both? What areas are you targeting? abs, thighs, arms? You want a program that is specialized in getting the results that you want in the areas that you need it! When you choose the right program for you and you start to see the results that you want, this will help you stay motivated to complete the program.

Tip #2: Consider Your Lifestyle

This is something that most people don’t consider. How much time do you have to workout? How much time are you willing to workout? How many days a week and for how long each day? When do you want to reach your fitness goals in question 1? 30 days? 60 days? 90 days?

Again, you want to find a program that fits your lifestyle and that will be convenient for you. If you pick a program that is unreasonable for you to do because of your lifestyle, you will have a hard time sticking with the program and seeing results. If you are looking to see results within a short amount of time and you choose a program that is intended to give you gradual results, you will become discouraged and unmotivated. So consider timing and length of program!

Tip #3: Consider Your Current Fitness Level

3) What is your current level of fitness? Are you ready for a beginner, intermediate, or advance program? This is important because most people end up either choosing a program that is too hard or too easy for them. The result? If it is too hard, they end up giving up and not completing the workout and not seeing the results they are looking for. If the program is too easy, they won’t challenge their body enough and they won’t see the results they are looking for and they become discouraged and frustrated. In both cases, if you choose a program that is too easy or too hard, you will end up not seeing the results that you are looking for.

Tip #4: Instructor and Workout Style

This may seem trivial but it is really important. The workout dvd program that you choose is similar to picking a fitness trainer or fitness training program at a gym. You are choosing to workout with a fitness trainer for sometimes a month to three months at a time. The fitness trainer on that workout dvd will be your personal fitness trainer. So, just like picking a in-person personal fitness trainer, you want to make sure that the workout dvd that you choose features a personal fitness trainer who has a style that motivates you to workout and stick with the routine and who can help you get the results that you are looking for. Do you want a bootcamp style instructor who is tough and hard? Do you want a motivator or encourager? Figure out the trainer style that motivates you to keep working out.

You also want to consider the workout style that you enjoy best. Do you like kickboxing? dance? martial arts? yoga? plyometrics? Do you like high-energy fast pace workouts or slow-pace workouts?

Beachbody has wonderful workout dvds like P90X, Insanity, and Turbo Jam just to name a few.


I’m a free fitness coach with Beachbody and I help people find the Beachbody program that will work best for their lifestyle, fitness goals,and personal preferences. If you want, I can suggest some Beachbody programs that will work the best for you. Just send me a quick email to my Beachbody email address with your answers to the questions above, and I will send you my recommendations. Obviously, you won’t have to buy one of the programs I suggest, but hopefully it will help you get some direction as to what kind of programs you need to consider. My email address is: fitcoachcarter@beachbodycoach.com